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3 Small Biz Tips: Whitfill Travel Services

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Mandy and Trey Whitfill are passionate about travel, and their biggest passion is traveling to luxury all-inclusive resorts. Together, they operate a successful agency, Whitfill Travel Services, near Dallas, Texas.

Through Whitfill Travel Services, Mandy and Trey aim to provide their clients the same level of service they expect at a luxe resort, at affordable prices. They also provide local and destination wedding planning services which allows them to offer their clients great deals. When they launched the business in 2015, their primary clients were those who shared their passion for luxe leisure travel. But with the onset of COVID, their client base evolved to serve primarily essential workers who traveled across the country.

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The Whitfill’s claim their success stem from having a brand that new and returning clients recognize easily, and they believe it can work for others as well.

They recommend these 3 tips for new and emerging small businesses:

  1. KISS IT! = KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!  Identify your niche and design your marketing collateral to sell to that niche. Our business name and our logo are self-explanatory and focus on what we do: provide travel services around the globe.

  2. Give a branded gift that works for every client. After we close a sale, we give the client a YETI style tumbler that contains our brand logo sticker. It shows the client that we appreciate them, while reminding them of our business while enjoying their fabulous getaway.

  3. Pursue your passion. We get to sell my travel experiences and recommendations to clients whose budgets vary, and get paid for each one. Some clients can spend several thousand dollars on travel while others can only afford much less. But we help each of them find what they are searching for, and that is gratifying. Work is so much more enjoyable when you are doing what you love!

To learn more about Whitfill Travel Services, visit https://www.facebook.com/WhitfillTravel.

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